How To: Do Keyword Research Before Registering a Domain

Do Keyword Research Before Registering a Domain

The importance of keyword research is for everyone wanting to create a website. Are you a dog trainer or a golfer? A billiard player or a surfer? Whatever niche you're in or skills you have right now, you can document them and save some for the rainy days. You can create a one-page website or a blog out of it and later on market it to respond to its financial benefits. 

Before doing so, you have to do a keyword research. You may or may not use this strategy as you can register any name as long as they're available, but if you'll do you'll reap some corresponding harvests along the way. 

If you're a dog trainer who wants "" as your domain but isn't available, what will you do? What other domain names that can make your site both relevant and Google-friendly?

Check these basic steps in doing a keyword research before you register your domain name. 

Necessary steps before a website is created - doing a keyword research!

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