Forum Thread: How to Make Money Collecting Aluminum Cans

?A simple guide on how to make money recycling aluminum cans. All you have to do is find a bunch of cans, crush them, and take them in to your local recycling center for some cash! Making money by recycling aluminum cans is a great way for kids and adults to make a little extra money.

Step 1: Collect Aluminum Cans

?The first step to making money with aluminum cans is to find the actual cans. Good places to find cans include your own house, beaches, public parks, and the workplace.

Step 2: Crush Cans for Extra Profit

?The more cans you can bring in to the recycling center, the more money you will make. You can collect and transport the most aluminum cans by crushing them. There are many ways to crush an aluminum can, but the most common is simply stepping on it.

Step 3: Store Your Cans

?The final step is to find a way to store the aluminum cans. A common way to store cans is in a garbage bin. You can buy a plastic garbage can like the one seen in the pictures for just $10. Then you just have to bring the aluminum cans in to your local recycling and scrap metal center to make some extra cash.

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