How To: Write a great mission statement

Write a great mission statement

Award winning author Susan L. Reid teaches us how to write a great mission statement for your business. 1. First, write your "purpose statement". This answers what your business wants to accomplish and what problem or need your business is trying to address. Simply state the answer to this question. 2. Write your "business statement'. This describes the activities or programs your business must do to support it's purpose. Ask yourself what you are doing to address the need identified in your "purpose statement". It should be written in bullet points or a short sentence and should include the words "to provide" "by" and/or "through". 3. Write your "values statement". This answers what beliefs and values you and your co-workers share as whole. 4. Write your mission statement in one of three common formats. Either a "slogan", a short "bullet point list" or a short paragraph. 5. Make sure to keep your mission statement brief.

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