How To: Make Money by Streaming Videos Online

Make Money by Streaming Videos Online

Want to make money by streaming videos online? Here's three steps to success.

Step 1 Find Good Quality Websites to Submit Videos

First and foremost, you need to do your research online and check out good quality streaming websites that have high traffic volumes each day, as well as good quality links without all the spam. Of course, there is a lot of websites doing this right now, and is a niche a lot of webmasters are getting into. But this does not mean you cannot earn some money.


  • Find a good quality, high traffic website that accepts links to be submitted.
  • Check the stats of the website yourself using Alexa.
  • If the website checks out, sign up for an account.
  • Most importantly, DO NOT SPAM links on a website as a new user (you will be banned).
  • Respect the rules of each individual site (read rules very CAREFULLY).

Step 2 Find the Best Streaming Website Hosts

Currently, the top sites that stream content are videobb, PutLocker, and MegaVideo. These streaming sites have become common place with watching streaming content online. 


Videobb is relatively new (only one year old), but they have come on with leaps and bounds over the last year and made a very big name for themselves. They pay on a weekly basis every Tuesday, and the minimum payout is $20. Only recently they have included an 'add video to my account' option, which basically means you can import a video directly to your account from another video (a Premium Account is needed for this option), but this is a very easy and quick way of building up a list of good quality links to submit to streaming websites. Their videos are good quality and they are updating their servers each day to make it an even better streaming experience for users. Videobb allow three types of uploads; remote upload, FTP, and standard uploads from computer.


PutLocker is a little older than videobb and has become a force to be reckoned within the last year. The biggest advantage of this site is the streaming option for free users which never gives you a time limit. This has become their biggest selling point as a streaming host from a user standpoint. They don't have an 'add video to account' option, but you can upload videos via remote upload or standard upload from computer or FTP. My advice is, if you are starting out and want to draw in your users this is the host to use as a start up. PutLocker pays each month for video views.


MegaVideo is the oldest, and still to this day, has a good following all over the world. Only recently have they done a huge advertisement campaign with stars such as P-Diddy and Snoop Dogg, to name a few. This has brought them back into the limelight again, as they have really dropped down the ranks as they stopped paying for video views. The one thing I prided MegaVideo for back in 2009 was their fast streaming, but since then it has gone downhill regarding video streaming speeds and this has had a negative effect on their users. That being said, they have told me they intend to bring streaming movies and tv shows to another level in 2012, so this could be kick start they need to inject some good competition back in the streaming business again. 


  • Do not create multiple accounts on hosting websites; they will find out and ban you.
  • Upload good quality videos that appeal to your audience.
  • Make your mark and be uniform with your uploads every day.


  • Your account will be banned forever.

Step 3 Top 10 Most Popular Streaming Websites to Submit To

The sites listed below are the best sites I have come across to submit videos to. I have worked for a number of these sites and still do today. The sites below are only English-related sites. If anyone has others they would like to add, by all means, let me know in the comments below and I will add them accordingly.

I have added the Alexa details under each individual website link for users to check.

  1. Alluc  (Alexa details)
  2. Solar Movie  (Alexa details)
  3. tvDuck  (Alexa details)
  4. One-TV Shows  (Alexa details)
  5. TVSearch  (Alexa details)
  6. Motion Empire  (Alexa details)
  7. QuickSilverScreen  (Alexa details)
  8. 1Channel  (Alexa details)
  9. Tube+  (Alexa details)
  10. TVLinks  (Alexa details)

Top 5 Things to Remember When Submitting Links

  • Choose only popular streaming content.
  • Be quick when adding links, as they can build up very fast.
  • Never abuse policies of websites, as they will revoke your account fast.
  • Don't vote cheat on websites (for example, voting other links down for your benefit).
  • Be helpful in the forums (if available). This will increase your rank as an uploader.

Final Thoughts

This is an easy guide to earning money from streaming content and should help a lot of users out there who are thinking of starting this as a hobby.


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The article is very interesting. Yes, there are a bog amount of people over there who upload movies or tv series to various video hosters and earn some money with their videos cause the majority of hosters pay for each view of the video. So the only one goal to earn a good amount is to find a website where you could submit your links fast and for free and get free traffic after. A good website to do this is, just click on "Submit Your Links" button located on each movie or tv series page and during 24 hours your links will go live.

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