How To: Patent an Idea (Creating and Selling Your Concepts)

Patent an Idea (Creating and Selling Your Concepts)

Want to know how to patent an idea, but you just don't know how to go about doing it? It doesn't take a lot of money to get a provisional patent. The real thing you want to know is the process of taking an idea that you have all the way up to getting it patent. I will take you through each step from the beginning when you have that great idea all the way to getting your invention marketed.

Step 1 You Need an Idea (Obviously)

Your idea doesn't have to be earth changing. It just needs to be something people will want or need. Look at the pet rock of the 70s or the silly bands we have today. These items are not items that people need, but they are products people want or wanted. So the key is inventing a product that creates a demand or buzz.

Step 2 Get a CAD Made (3D Prototype Design of Your Idea)

How to Patent an Idea (Creating and Selling Your Concepts)

Above is a 3D CAD of a toy truck. I show you this to give you an idea of what a CAD is. CAD means "computer-aided design" and that's exactly what this is.

There are many companies online that will provide this service for you, but one of he best ones is a company called Solid Works. They can create a 3D CAD of your idea for about $70 - $100. The design will rotate 360 degrees so that it can be viewed from any angle. It will also show any movable parts that your Cad design has. You might be saying, "why do I need a CAD for my idea?" The reason you need it is because you can't get a physical prototype made of your idea unless you have one.


  • Make sure to give the company as much information about your idea's functionality as possible. Send them a good sketch of your idea, if you do not know how to draw, get someone you know to do it. 

Step 3 Get a Physical Prototype Made

Once you have your CAD, it is now time to have a physical prototype made. There is a company called Protogenic that can fulfill this need. They create great product prototypes. Their cost will be anywhere from $400 to about $800. This is the last step before you will want to get a patent for your design. It is possible to skip this step, but if you are really serious about this business, I suggest you get this step done. You will need a physical prototype to show to joint venture companies and for marketing to online infomercial companies. Companies that make physical prototypes of inventions usually can manufacture the product on a mass scale. I'm talking 1000's to tens of thousands!!!

I know of one person who had a physical prototype made for $700, but the company told him they would manufacture the item for 20 cents a piece!! These companies charge a high price for prototypes, but the manufacturing of that prototype is much much cheaper. Keep this in mind.

Step 4 You Need to Patent It (How to Patent Your Idea)

How to Patent an Idea (Creating and Selling Your Concepts)You will need to go to a local patent lawyer in your area.  Take with you the images of your CAD. A provisional patent will protect your idea for one year, so you can have time to promote your product to companies.  The price for a provisional patent is about $110.

Before your provisional patent expires, you need to know that it will cost you about $1,300 in total to get a real patent, if you do it yourself. The provisional patent only puts a hold on your idea, so that know when steals it before you can get it really patented. 

Step 5 It's Time to Market It to Companies

Fill out product submission forms online at "As Seen on TV" type companies. You know the type of companies you see who have those infomercials on TV.

Here are a list of some good ones....

  • TV Winners
  • Sullivan Productions
  • As Seen On TV
  • Tristar Products
  • TELEBrands


  • Use Internet Marketplaces

You can also try to sell the product yourself via Amazon or eBay. This is a very good way to push your product independently, especially if you have a great item.

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You can also buy a 3d printer from RepRap to create your own physical prototype

This blog is pretty interesting. It's really nice to know all these pieces of information on patenting. Patenting really helps in protecting invention ideas so much. This gives one the exclusive right to use a technology. Although, patent is never a guarantee of value, this still gives inventors the advantage. Thanks!

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