How To: Write an executive summary

Write an executive summary

An executive summary is one of the most important parts of your business career, because it's the first thing investors will look at. Placed at the beginning of a business plan, the executive summary is the hook that lures investors into wanting to learn more about your business. See how to write one in the best way possible.

You Will Need
* Research
* Business plan

Step 1: Write business plan
Research and write the rest of your business plan first. An executive summary is a highly condensed version of the entire business plan, and should be written last.

Step 2: Include the main points
Outline the main points of your business plan in the summary. Include details of the legal structure, the founders, employees, and who is in charge.

If the business is new, write about the experience and background of the founders and key personnel of the business.

Step 3: Define your competition
Define your market and competition. Mention any previous achievements of the business. Most importantly, include how much money is needed and how that money is going to be spent.

Limit the executive summary to three or four pages.

Step 4: Make it interesting
Craft the executive summary with style and a strong voice so that it is interesting to read. The summary should compel the reader to want to hear more about the business.

Step 5: Put at the beginning
When finished, place the executive summary at the beginning of the business plan and you're ready to send your plan off to prospective clients and investors!

According to the Center for Women's Business Research 2009 report, 10.1 million U.S. businesses are female-owned.

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