How To: Write a great business vision statement

Write a great business vision statement

In this Business & Money video tutorial you will learn how to write a great business vision statement. Why is the vision statement important? Because, it provides the inspiration for daily operations and motivation for strategic decisions. Vision and missions statements are different. Vision statement answers the question where is my business going; whereas your mission statement states why your business does exist. Vision statements are future focused and written with the end result in mind. It should be big and bold and should inspire and energize. There are 7 points to remember when writing your vision statement. #1. Describe outcomes that are 5 - 10 years out. #2. Dream big and focus on success. #3. Write in present tense. #4. Infuse with passion. #5. Paint a graphic mental picture. #6. Write in paragraph form. #7. Use as many paragraphs as you need.

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