News: Creepy (or Brilliant) Advertising Idea of the Day: Women's Thighs

Creepy (or Brilliant) Advertising Idea of the Day: Women's Thighs

New Zealand retailer Superette and ad agency DDB Group have come up with a pretty ballsy idea for spreading Superette's brand name. They've attached plates indented with the phrase "Short Shorts On Sale Superette" on park benches and bus stops, turning bare legged ladies (or men with wicked short shorts) into walking billboards.

Creepy (or Brilliant) Advertising Idea of the Day: Women's Thighs

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VIA Business Insider.

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Brilliantly Sexy. Whoever thought this genius idea up, needs a bro-five.

You are a little quiff. And men dont wear short shorts so who is gonna wear them?

I think its an awesome idea! but it looks like it would hurt... I've sat with bare skin on things and had them leave imprints... and it hurt to pull them away... so the lettering would totally hurt to have imprinted like that... :(

While I think its really clever (REALLY clever) - You have a personal right to choose whether or not you endorse a product - I see lawsuits in the near future.

hmm, I'd avoid that park bench and take my bare legs elsewhere

Almost pointless considering the imprints will almost never be "imprinted" properly unless the person sitting on the bench actually TRIED to make it show up on their legs. The only publicity the company will get is from the discussion about the idea, not from the implementation of the idea itself, sadly. Unless that was the goal all along.... hmmm..

I really hope these will get in action! .... I'll think about the next howto tutorials how to "hack a bench" and customize it :DD

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