News: Obscure Kevlar-Possessed Company Signs Up Michael Vick

Obscure Kevlar-Possessed Company Signs Up Michael Vick

The exile is officially over. Let the good times roll. 

Unequal Technologies has just signed Michael Vick as its corporate spokesman. They have applied for 50 patents that largely employ the Dupont-created Kevlar for "shock suppression". Formally speaking, this is his first product endorsement deal since his arrest in 2007. 

At his peak in 2006, with the help of Nike and Powerade, Vick made more than $25 million from endorsements and salary. Today, Vick's endorsement comeback is beginning modestly. But make no mistake, it is starting and others will soon follow...because his story is so remarkable. The Unequal deal is a two year contract of an undisclosed amount.

I had not heard of Unequal. It is not a big company. So, I decided to dig up some of their products. Unequal is a Philadelphia based company whose promotional materials and videos seem a tad infomercial-y. Take a look for yourself.  

Rob Vito, the CEO, is eager to capitalize on the company's very real association with Vick. The connection to Michael Vick dates back to October 2010 when Vick suffered rib injuries following a crushing collision at the one yard line against the Washington Redskins.

The protective gear Vick chose to wear was, in fact, Unequal Technologies manufactured.

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