News: Strapped for Cash? Sell Used Undies Online

Strapped for Cash? Sell Used Undies Online

If you've essentially got no shame, and you're pretty strapped for cash, Brokelyn may have just the solution for you. HowTo sell your underwear online - a quick and dirty way to make a buck. 

Strapped for Cash? Sell Used Undies Online

The Japanese started it, with their soiled schoolgirl panty vending machines. Hard to believe, but apparently true (according to Snopes, that is). You can supposedly buy used underwear in vending machines in Japan. They run for anywhere from $50 to $100 per pair.

Strapped for Cash? Sell Used Undies Online

In the American online marketplace, sellers can make up to $75 a pair, and generally between $15 and $30. Brokelyn goes over the different online marketplaces, as well as the entire process of selling your ware. Panties a little too risque? Try socks. Buyers with a foot fetish will shell out, too.

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And who are these people buying them?


Sounds about right.

hey! i want to sell my undies. where can i start??

How do I do this? Skint! lol

My girlfriend want to make a little extra money i told her to sell her undies. She said if i could figure out how to do it i can... So will someone put me on the righr path

I would love to have more info on the panty selling as well as socks or feet. ??

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